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Improving Quality

of Life for All

Saudee is committed towards sustainability in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

Our Goals

As a responsible corporate citizen, Saudee is committed towards sustainability in the EES spheres while maintaining standards of corporate governance in our efforts to drive growth, productivity and contribute to society and the environment.

Embed governance culture and integrate sustainability practices in all three economic, environment and social aspects

To maintain long-term corporate sustainability by identifying material aspects, impacts and stakeholder engagement

Create a world-class supply chain which can enhance our quality of life while ensuring our business success

We continue to learn and understand future trends that will affect our organisation and society at large. In so doing, we have implemented processes to identify and manage issues which can create a positive and lasting change socially and environmentally.

Sustainability Governance

The Board of Directors leads our sustainability strategies while the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) identifies material matters that are related to Saudee while

  • identifying EES risks and opportunities,
  • implementing sustainability strategies for managing EES risks within their departments, and
  • monitoring EES performance and providing updates to the Board.

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that stakeholders are the key to our continuous success and the sustainability of the business. By establishing effective and transparent lines of communication with our stakeholders, we have a better understanding of stakeholders’ interests and concerns.


Employees are important assets and involved in all parts of the value chain.


Our customers comprise of local food service providers and retailers.


They supply our raw materials and indirect materials.


The owners of Saudee.

Government Bodies

Government agencies and regulatory bodies stipulate and enforce the laws and regulations.

Local Communities

Local communities include NGOs and people who reside in the areas where Saudee operates.

Key Sustainability Focus Areas

By integrating these priorities into our long-term business strategy, we can unlock stakeholder value, drive business innovation that enhances livelihoods and increases resiliency, and ensure that sustainability is embedded in our decision-making.



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