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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We recognise that everything we source including our ingredients, packaging manufacturing, distribution and services, has environmental and social impacts.

We choose to go local.

Our large supplier base means more opportunity to positively impact health and safety, human rights, business ethics and the planet. As our presence can help protect and make improvements to the people and communities that make our business possible, we choose to source and distribute locally. This ensures that we have greater control over the supply chain and quality in general – which is in line with the mission when the company was founded. In addition, we are able to enjoy major cost-savings and ease of building our customer base.

Uplifting communities

We look to elevate local businesses along our supply chain to the next level by working with them on ethical business conduct and practices, including environmental and social compliance, workplace safety and quality assurance. With ease of communication, site visits, drop-in meetings, regular sharing of knowledge and training to upgrade skills and knowledge, we have seen the communities where we are able to make an impact, flourish. Going local gives us an advantage to make a positive impact.

Animal Welfare Policy

We are committed to adhere to industrial Halal meat production, as we seek to continuously learn and work to improve animal agriculture practices.

This work is done in close partnership with our suppliers, and we strive to create sustainable practices using the most humane animal treatment practices, which we believe will deliver greater business success by aligning closer to consumer expectations. The adherence to the Halal concept means zero-tolerance to all forms of animal abuse throughout the meat production supply chain and demands that when animals are slaughtered, they must be slaughtered in a mindful and attentive way.

Saudee does not conduct, support or condone the use of animal testing that is not legally required for food safety or quality.

We do not maintain any testing facilities. Where legislation require animal testing to demonstrate safety or quality, studies are completed by accredited third-party facilities that follow proper animal welfare guidelines. We are advocates for replacing animal testing with other validated methods.

We are committed towards supporting animal agriculture research, in particular a focus on animal health, food and feed security, animal wellbeing, and water quantity and quality.

To advance towards a more sustainable planet including animal welfare, we will apply and work to achieve the five freedoms for all animals in our supply chain.

  • Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition.
  • Freedom from discomfort.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease.
  • Freedom from fear and distress.
  • Freedom to engage in normal patterns of animal behavior.

Sustainable Packaging

Whether it’s making our materials better or increasing awareness of sustainable packaging options, we are working hard to keep our planet healthy.

When it comes to the amount of materials that go into our products and packaging, we believe less is more. We are always trying to find ways to reduce the overall volume of materials, increase the sustainability of our materials and minimise the impact left behind after our consumers use our products. That way, we can help reduce the footprint and resource intensity of our products.