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Saudi GoldSausage

Meat Frank 300 g

By August 7, 2022August 30th, 2022No Comments
Saudi Gold

Meat Frankfurter

Contains buffalo meat
300 g | Keep Frozen: -18°C

Allergens: Contains Soy and Sulphite.

Meat (Contains Buffalo Meat and Chicken Meat), Modified Starch (Tapioca), Soy Protein, Coriander Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, White Pepper Powder and Black Pepper Powder.

Contains Emulsifier (E452), Antioxidant (E316) as Permitted Food Conditioner, Permitted Preservative (E250), Permitted Seasoning and Colouring (E124).

Please cook prior to consumption.

Serving Size: 30 g | Servings per Package: 10

Quantity per 100 g
Quantity per Serving (30 g)
266 kcal (1117 kJ)
80 kcal (336 kJ)
9.2 g
2.8 g
Total Sugars
2.0 g
0.6 g
9.8 g
2.9 g
21.1 g
6.3 g
329 mg
99 mg