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JAKIM Certified Halal

From the farms to your fridge, you can trust that our process is 100% Halal because the peace of mind of all Malaysians matter to us.

The criteria for Halal certification by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) are incredibly rigorous, but for the sake of quality and consciousness, we believe it is absolutely worth it. We prioritise providing you with clear ingredients as well as transparency about our production process so that you can understand exactly what you are eating and make an informed decision about your health.

Saudee's Halal Policy

JAKIM Recognised

We are committed to meet Halal regulatory requirements by ensuring that the ingredients that we use are Halal and recognised by JAKIM, and our processing aids, equipment and utensils are clean and free of non-Halal materials.

Halal Committee

A Halal Committee, comprising representatives from various departments has been established with responsibility for all matters pertaining to Halal regularities and to provide adequate support and resources to successfully comply with all Halal elements.

Strict Compliance

We are committed to comply with the requirements of our Halal assurance, food safety and quality management system and to work with our customers, suppliers, and employees to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Socially Responsible

Halal is about trust, responsibility, respect and strict compliance according to Syariah requirements.

Being Halal compliant does not only mean we follow rules but take all possible efforts to ensure the purity of Halal is a way of life within our operations! We strive to ensure all aspects of the food, from sourcing the ingredients, to preparation and serving, are in accordance with the Syariah Law and guidelines provided by JAKIM.

Halal Sources

Raw materials and ingredients


Halal briefing to suppliers


Comply to Halal standards


Halal products and process


Storage of Halal products


Comply to Halal requirements

Sales & Marketing

100% Halal products


Enjoy quality Halal food