The Environment

When it comes to protecting the environment,
we believe we can always do more.

At Saudee, our commitment to environmental protection begins with an understanding of our surroundings and the operating environment. We aim to deliver a healthy environment for the local community and comply with all regulatory standards set by Malaysian authorities.

At Saudee, we strive to minimise our environmental impact by reducing energy use, waste, water, carbon emissions from transportation and production, and raw materials handling. We commit to control effluent discharge and comply with local Department of Environmental (DoE) regulations and our Environmental, Health & Safety Policy.

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Increase Energy Efficiency

Reduce Water Wastage

Improve Waste Management

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As the world is facing the impact of global warming, every organisation is doing their level best to reduce their carbon footprint. At Saudee, we are equally committed to make a positive impact on the environment.