Economic Growth

By doing ethical business, enhancing corporate governance and supply chain development, Saudee will continue to grow and remain sustainable.

A focus on quality makes for good business

Perfecting the quality of products, processes and services are essential aspects that contribute to our success. We adopt Saudee’s Total Quality Management approach to meet the strictest food safety and Halal certification standards. In addition to being ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, Saudee has also received Mesti, GMP, and VHM certifications.

We are happy when our customers are happy!

Customer satisfaction is the most integral part of our success. It is a measure of our customers’ trust and loyalty. We consistently obtain feedback from distributors and retailers on product quality and delivery to improve ourselves. Hence, plans are on the drawing board to roll out Malaysia’s first batch of robot-operated burger kiosks and food trucks.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

One of the most important initiatives that Saudee has taken in building it's supply chain is to prioritise local sourcing and distribution.

This strategy has helped us in fostering strong long-term relationships, and shorter delivery and lead times. The advantages of prioritising local have always appealed to us as we care about our communities, our sustainability, and our role in building networks supporting local businesses.

Corporate Governance

Saudee maintains rigorous corporate governance practices and internal controls with oversight by our board of directors and key management team. Learn more about how our commitment to strong corporate governance helps maintain trust in our company and brands, enabling us to create long-term shareholder value.