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36 Years Strong of Food Innovation

Our progressive approach has made us one of the largest packaged food manufacturer in Malaysia.

Redefining the future of frozen food

As consumers grow more sensitive towards fresh spoilage and waste, frozen food has become a more attractive alternative. At Saudee, we deliver more than just an alternative. With investments in technology and R&D, we provide a variety of creative culinary options with an emphasis on health and nutrition – while maintaining affordability and the convenience that comes with preparing frozen food.

A commitment to quality and Halal underpins our every effort

The foundation of delicious food is QUALITY. Excellence in quality has to be from the very beginning – from raw materials, all the way to the delivery of the end product. The Halal concept drives our food safety and hygienic practices to ensure that our products are free of contaminants, optimise our production process to meet the highest quality and safety standards, and improve analytical and detection technologies.

Our Brands

Saudi Gold

Saudi Gold is the premium Halal flagship brand of Saudee. Its products are of superior quality as only the freshest and finest ingredients are used.

Farm’s Gold

Targeted towards wholesalers, distributors, and carry stores, Farm’s Gold is a relatively economical brand using the best ingredients to ensure food quality and taste.

Playing our part in solving global challenges

We are attuned to the evolving needs of our consumers. We are constantly developing products that are right for consumers.
More importantly though, we are constantly improving ourselves towards the betterment of the planet.

We are consumers ourselves, and we believe that we must leave a better world for the future generation. Right now, we ask ourselves, can we use our leadership in the food industry to achieve a positive change in the world? This is the reason why doing business the right way is important to us. Sustainability initiatives are integrated into every aspect of our business – helping us to achieve economic growth while making a difference in people’s lives, communities and our environment.