Irresistibly Delicious, Unlimited Enjoyment!

With an innate understanding of consumer demands, we bring Halal food to greater heights.

Saudi Gold

The premium Halal flagship brand. Its gourmet food products are of exceptional quality, taste, and flavour.





Farm’s Gold

A relatively economical brand. It uses the best ingredients to ensure high food quality and taste.





Jom, Makan!*

Bring the chef out in you. Here's some DIY ideas to make our tasty food even better.

*Let’s Eat!

Where to find Saudi Gold or Farm's Gold products?

Look for your favourite Saudi Gold or Farm’s Gold products at your local grocery store or online. Please note that availability may be limited. Can’t find what you want? Simply ask your local grocer to stock the item.

Product Information

Where can I find cooking instructions for Saudi Gold/ Farm’s Gold products?

Heating and cooking instructions are listed on the packaging of your Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold product and on our website

Can I cook Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products in my air fryer?

For specialised appliances like an air fryer, please refer to your user manual.

How should I store Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products? Can I freeze Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products?

Storage and safe handling instructions are listed on the packaging of your Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold product and on our website.

What is the shelf life of Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products?

Please refer to the expiration date on our packaging, which is determined by our team’s rigorous shelf-life testing.

Where can I find the ingredients in Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products?

Ingredients are listed on the packaging of your Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold product and on our website.

How do I know if Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products contain allergens?

We follow truth in labelling policies on all our products. The allergens will always be listed in the “Allergens” section of the packaging. If we ever change the ingredients in our products, the changes would be reflected on the label. Ingredients are also listed on our website.

Do you have any recipes that use Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products?

Discover easy and tasty recipes you’ll want to make again and again here.

Our Practices

Are Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products Halal?

Yes, all our products are Halal certified, which is always labelled on our packaging. We are committed to meet the Halal regulatory requirements by ensuring that the ingredients that we use are Halal and recognized by JAKIM, and our processing aids, equipment and utensil are clean and free of non-Halal materials.

Where can I learn more about your sustainability and animal welfare practices?

Saudi Gold and Farm’s Gold are part of the Saudee family of brands. Saudee works with a wide range of professionals, academic institutions, and industry groups to advance animal agricultural research and best practices for animal welfare throughout the supply chain. We have placed all publicly available information on our website.

Other Topics

I have a suggestion for a new Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold product. How can I send it to you?

We employ many individuals for the express purpose of creating and developing new ideas and concepts for our portfolio of brands, and unfortunately does not accept unsolicited ideas from third parties. But, we appreciate your enthusiasm in our products.

How can I get a coupon for Saudi Gold/Farm’s Gold products?

As we are unable to give coupons out upon request, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for coupons and promotions. Plus, don’t forget to check your local in-store promotions.

Brand Promos