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A Malaysian Halal Food Company, and Proud of It

When it comes to food, it gives us no greater joy than telling the world that we are a Malaysian company.

At a Glance


Founded in 1985 with the simple mission of producing quality food.
Moving forward with the vision to make a positive change to the world.

Located in the heart of Kedah’s industrial zone, Sungai Petani, Saudee Group Berhad (Saudee) is one of the foremost manufacturers of frozen food in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of processed food products such as bratwursts, burger patties, nuggets, fried chicken, and many more.

While we remain persistent in producing high quality food, it is our creative nature that brought about the popularity of our flagship brands – Saudi Gold and Farm’s Gold. Products under both brands are distributed to all the major retail outlets nationwide and have been recognised as one of the most innovative in the market.

In our efforts to drive growth, productivity and contribute to the society and the environment, we are taking a holistic approach to sustainability, focusing on the economic, environmental and social spheres. We focus our efforts and initiatives on where we stand in the food industry to make a positive impact. In turn, we are creating long-term value to our shareholders and stakeholders.

Sustainability begins in the supply chain, informing better practices to reduce our impact on the environment and foster economic growth. We do business the right way, and aspire to lead by example.

Our Values

Saudee's company philosophy, including vision and mission


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